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  • The Dangers of DIY Braces

    19 Sep 2017 | 0 Comments

    DIY, or “Do-It-Yourself,” braces are a dangerous trend that gained popularity after online videos showed teenagers claiming they straightened their teeth on their own. In the videos, the teens advise using little elastics to essentially tie their teeth together to close the gaps. Other DIY braces use twine, rubber bands, or even fine wires to apply pressure to the teeth and close the gap. Attempting to move your teeth yourself can have a grave consequences on your smile and health. Only a professional orthodontist with multiple years of training and schooling should be performing orthodontic treatment on you.

  • Early Orthodontic Treatment and Its Benefits

    19 Jul 2017 | 0 Comments

    At Charlottesville Orthodontics, we’re proud to serve patients of all ages in our warm and welcoming, family-friendly orthodontic office. Through our high-quality orthodontic treatments, we’re fully capable of straightening a patient’s teeth and fixing any orthodontic problems that he or she may have. We understand the importance of fixing these orthodontic problems as early as possible, which is why we recommend that you bring in your child to come in and visit a children’s orthodontist at a young age.

  • Sports Drinks, Energy Drinks & Your Teeth

    30 May 2017 | 0 Comments

    When it comes to keeping that smile of yours looking healthy, most of the time it’s easy to identify which foods and drinks to avoid. Steering away from that soda may protect you from a cavity or two, but there are a couple more dangers out there when you’re looking for something to drink that you should watch out for.

  • The Importance of Retention in Orthodontic Treatment

    27 Mar 2017 | 0 Comments

    Getting your braces off or completing your series of Invisalign clear aligners is an exciting point during orthodontic treatment. It’s at this time you get to see the amazing results of your brand new smile. Dr. Varner and Dr. Weis of Charlottesville Orthodontics understand that you’ll be excited once this portion of your orthodontic treatment plan is complete, but you won’t be done quite yet. The last step to any orthodontic treatment, whether it be braces or Invisalign is retention.

  • Braces-Friendly Treats For Valentine’s Day

    14 Feb 2017 | 0 Comments

    Today is Valentine’s Day and along with celebrating comes lots of chocolate and treats! But those undergoing orthodontic treatment, especially patients wearing braces, have to be careful in which Valentine’s Day treats they indulge in, as certain sweets can damage your braces. Your orthodontists in the Zion Crossroads area recommend patients wearing braces avoid hard foods and sticky foods to prevent damaging their brackets and wires. That means you’ll have to skip toffees, caramels, and other sticky sweets that are commonly enjoyed for Valentine’s Day. But not to worry! Below you’ll find a list of treats you can enjoy in addition to a recipe for a DIY braces-friendly Valentine’s Day treat!

  • The Clear Advantages of Invisalign Teen

    22 Dec 2016 | 0 Comments

    Chances are, if you think of the words "orthodontic treatment," one thing comes to mind: a latticework of metal brackets, wires, and bands. These are traditional metal braces, and they've almost become a rite of passage for teenagers these days. While metal braces are still the most popular option for orthodontic treatment, they're far from the only one available. At Charlottesville Orthodontics, we offer a range of orthodontic treatments for our patients of all ages, including Invisalign Teen, a variant of the Invisalign treatment that's specifically designed for the teenage lifestyle. And, just like regular Invisalign, it comes with a number of advantages over traditional metal braces.

  • The Benefits of Invisalign Digital Impressions

    27 Oct 2016 | 0 Comments

    At Charlottesville Orthodontics, our Charlottesville and Zion Crossroads offices are equipped with the latest and most advanced orthodontic equipment, so each of our patients receive the best care and experience the best treatment results possible. One of the pieces of equipment that makes for a better patient experience at Charlottesville Orthodontics includes the iTero scanner, which Dr. Weis and Dr. Varner use to take digital impressions of a patient’s mouth when planning Invisalign treatment.

  • Braces Vs. Invisalign

    23 Aug 2016 | 0 Comments

    At Charlottesville Orthodontics, we make it our goal to provide the communities of Charlottesville, Zion Crossroads, Fluvanna and Louisa with the best in orthodontic treatments such as braces, clear braces, and Invisalign. Braces and Invisalign are our most popular treatments and what many patients decide between when starting orthodontic treatment. Both braces and Invisalign are designed to straighten your teeth, however each provide certain benefits over the other and fit different orthodontic situations. As your trusted local orthodontists, we would like to compare and contrast braces and Invisalign, so you can be educated about each of these orthodontic treatments.

  • Welcome to Our Blog!

    08 Jun 2016 | 0 Comments

    Thank you for considering Charlottesville Orthodontics as your local orthodontist. We are dedicated to providing the best, most friendly orthodontic care for patients in Charlottesville, Zion Crossroads, and the surrounding areas. If you are not familiar with us already, allow us to introduce ourselves, as the best orthodontists in Charlottesville! We were voted #1 orthodontist by Charlottesville Family Magazine from 2009 through 2015!