5 myths about orthodontic treatment

There are many myths about orthodontic treatment that make potential patients hesitant to improve their smile. Here are five of the most common myths that we want to assure you are not real. Don’t let any false beliefs stop you from achieving a smile you can be proud of!

Orthodontic treatment is only for kids

It is actually very common for adults to receive orthodontic treatment. At Charlottesville Orthodontics, we encourage patients of all ages to achieve an improved smile.

You don’t need to visit an orthodontist’s office for straight teeth

In truth, the only surefire way you can maintain best treatment practices for your teeth is to schedule regular visits to your orthodontist’s office. This is absolutely necessary as problems may arise during your treatment without your awareness. Ensure that your treatment is staying on course with teeth cleanings from a local dentist in a convenient location near you.

Orthodontic treatment takes years

Here, at Charlottesville Orthodontics, an experienced orthodontist will create a personalized plan for you to straighten the alignment of your teeth as quickly and effectively as possible. We believe it is more efficient to work with a professional to straighten your teeth with best practices than to invest in a side business that promises to deliver quicker results but invites a higher risk in causing irreversible damage.

Orthodontic treatment is purely cosmetic

Besides a more attractive smile, orthodontic treatment can also help you achieve a better functioning jaw. That means your chewing, speaking, and biting will becoming more comfortable and effective. Charlottesville Orthodontics is committed to improving the overall health of your teeth from function to appearance.

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