Adolescent treatment

For many teens, braces are a rite of passage: They’re one more example of the changes adolescents go through at this time — along with growth in stature, edgier tastes in clothes and music, and an increasing degree of self-awareness. But is there any particular reason why orthodontic appliances and teenagers seem to go together? In a word: Yes.

Adolescent treatment

When you’re looking for orthodontics in and around the Charlottesville and Zion Crossroads areas, we at Charlottesville Orthodontics pride ourselves on going above and beyond to meet your every need. We feature a wide array of high quality orthodontic treatments and we’re well-trained and equipped to treat patients of all ages, including those in their adolescence.

Our orthodontic treatment options for teens

During your first appointment with Dr. Weis or Dr. Patel, we’ll take pictures and x-rays of your mouth and also possibly make a model of your bite with our digital scanner (no goopy molds!). After this, your orthodontist will develop an orthodontic treatment plan that will best suit your needs. Some of the most commonly used orthodontic treatments that our adolescent patients may require include:

  • How long will my orthodontic treatment last?

    Your orthodontic treatment may take anywhere from 6-30 months (usually 18-20 months) to complete, depending on the severity of the case. After treatment has ended, the process isn’t quite over. You’ll then move on to the retention phase during which you’ll wear a retainer for a period of months afterward. The retainer is used to make sure that your teeth won’t shift back into misalignment. As long as you wear the retainer as prescribed, you’ll have no problem keeping your new and beautiful smile!

  • Begin treatment for your teen with Charlottesville's best orthodontist

    If your teen is ready to enjoy the confidence that comes with a better smile, schedule an appointment with us by filling out our appointment request form. If you have any questions about orthodontic treatment for teens, please feel free to contact us and our team would be happy to assist you. We’re here to provide the best orthodontic treatment for your teen!