Kids’ orthodontics

Early orthodontic treatment

When it comes to your child’s teeth and visiting an orthodontist for kids, did you know earlier may be better than later? According to the American Association of Orthodontists, kids should have an initial orthodontic screening at age 7.

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Why visit a kids’ orthodontist?

Seeing your local Charlottesville or Zion Crossroads pediatric orthodontist at an early age has many benefits, including:

  • Solve common orthodontic issues
  • Minimize the damage existing issues may cause
  • Limit overall treatment time

It’s important to remember that early evaluation isn’t always followed by early treatment. In most cases, if orthodontic work, like kids’ braces, is needed, your kid’s orthodontist in Charlottesville or Zion Crossroads will monitor growth patterns until the best time to begin treatment, allowing for the most efficient results.

What age do kids get braces?

Orthodontic treatment, like kids braces or Invisalign® for common orthodontic problems, typically begins around age 9-14, when all the baby teeth are gone. However, some conditions are much easier to treat if caught early at the peak of their natural growth processes by your Charlottesville or Zion Crossroads pediatric orthodontist, such as crossbite, open bite, severe crowding, protruding teeth and underbite.

Our braces for kids

The family orthodontists near you at Charlottesville Orthodontics offer various types of braces for kids, including:

Our Charlottesville and Zion Crossroads kids’ orthodontists can help you determine which type of braces is best for your child’s needs at their complimentary consultation!

  • How much do braces cost for kids?

    The cost of braces for kids depends on the complexity of your child’s orthodontic issues and the specific orthodontic treatment needed. Charlottesville Orthodontics strives to provide affordable, high-quality treatment that fits your budget, so we offer no-interest financing options and payment plans and accept most credit cards and insurance plans. Once we’ve evaluated your child’s teeth during their complimentary consultation, we can provide an accurate cost estimate of their entire treatment.

  • Correcting bad habits with a children's orthodontist

    Seeing a kids’ orthodontist near you can help you identify and work to break a child’s bad habits that can influence the development and function of their teeth, jaws, and mouth. Some examples of these are persistent:

    • Thumb sucking
    • Tongue thrusting
    • Mouth breathing

    Many early orthodontic treatments, such as palatal expanders, are available to help correct these childhood habits. The sooner your child sees a pediatric orthodontist in Zion Crossroads or Charlottesville, the sooner they will be on the path to a straight smile they’ll enjoy for life.

Begin early orthodontic treatment

Bring your child in for a complimentary early orthodontic screening with Dr. Weis and Dr. Patel, some of the best pediatric orthodontists near you, today. If you have questions about early orthodontic treatment, contact our Charlottesville, Zion Crossroads, or Hollymead / 29 North office. Our professional team of experts and family orthodontists are happy to assist you. We can’t wait to help your child achieve a beautiful smile that will last a lifetime!