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  • Orthodontic education

    Orthodontic treatment is key to a long-lasting beautiful and healthy smile. There are many adults who struggle with the thought of them being too old or it being too late for orthodontic treatment—this is hardly ever the case! Here at Charlottesville Orthodontics, we encourage adults to begin orthodontic treatment as soon as they can in order to prevent future issues. Straightening your teeth results in a beautiful smile, but this is not always the main reason for receiving orthodontic treatment.

    Did you know a straighter smile meant a healthier smile? No longer will you have hard-to-reach places in between your teeth when you floss. No longer will you run the same risks of infection or disease (such as gingivitis) as your flossing, brushing, and mouthwash will be able to effectively reach all the right places in between your teeth better. You’ll also have a straighter bite which means that you won’t be wearing and tearing down a few areas of your teeth more simply because of the misaligned placement. These benefits can also be applied to your child when they are ready to begin their early orthodontic treatment.

  • Whether you’re looking for an orthodontist yourself or someone who specializes in children’s orthodontics, Dr. Weis and Dr. Patel are ready to invite you into their offices and begin their work with you and/or your child.

    Below, we’ve listed out a few educational links that will expand on some popular topics and give you a better idea of what to expect from your orthodontist, available orthodontic treatments, payment plans, and our wonderful team!

    Check out the links below and contact us if you have any further questions! We’d love to hear from you!