The difference between an orthodontist & dentist

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If you’re wondering what the difference is between an orthodontist and a dentist, you’re certainly not alone. Many people wonder the same thing because after all, both orthodontists and dentists work to improve smiles. Here is some information that can help you better understand how an orthodontist differs from a dentist.

The main differences

Even though orthodontists and dentists both help their patients achieve healthier and more attractive smiles, the two oral health professionals go about it in different ways.

Dentists: A dentist provides his or her patients with routine oral exams, teeth cleanings, and dental treatments like tooth fillings and root canals to repair and restore decayed or damaged teeth. Most dentists also offer treatments that can improve the appearance of teeth like professional teeth whitening, tooth bonding, and dental veneers.

Orthodontists: An orthodontist receives the same training a dentist does, along with a few extra years of specialized orthodontic training. During this orthodontic training, he or she learns how to bring misaligned teeth and jaws into proper alignment using appliances like braces and removable aligners.

However, this doesn’t mean that only orthodontists provide orthodontic treatment because many dentists today are offering orthodontic treatment using braces and aligners.

At Charlottesville Orthodontics, our doctors are orthodontic specialists who work exclusively to improve smiles using braces and Invisalign aligners.

Why choose an orthodontist over a dentist

Many general dentists are offering orthodontic treatment, especially Invisalign treatment because it’s a teeth straightening method that’s easy to learn. However, general dentists simply cannot provide the same precision and expertise when it comes to correcting orthodontic problems. An orthodontist has undergone the specialized orthodontic training necessary to know exactly how to create a healthy mouth and bite.

While your family dentist may be able to straighten teeth with braces or Invisalign, he or she may not know how to correct a problematic bite. This is why it’s always best to see an orthodontist for orthodontic treatment. The last thing you want to happen after undergoing treatment is to find out later that you need to wear braces all over again because an underlying bite problem you have wasn’t corrected.

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