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h-smile1.jpgAt Charlottesville Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on the exceptional orthodontic care that we provide for all of our patients in and around Charlottesville. Not only do we offer efficient orthodontic treatments that include Invisalign and many different types of braces, but we always promise to provide a personalized treatment plan that will take your every need and desire into consideration. This commitment to giving our patients a customized and convenient orthodontic treatment has led to us being a trusted provider of orthodontics in our community. Don’t just take our word for it though – read why our patients love coming to visit their Charlottesville orthodontist!

Dear Dr. Weis:

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful care you and your office staff provided to one of our students currently enrolled at the Virginia Institute of Autism (VIA). His mother was incredibly impressed with the patience you and your staff exhibited in assisting her son with autism when having his braces removed. She genuinely appreciated you and your staff's willingness to help her son. We at VIA appreciate your efforts as well, and we will be certain to let other families know about you and the Charlottesville Orthodontics practice. Thank you!

Warm regards to you and the staff,
- E. Long

Dr. Weis' staff is superb in many ways, especially Kari and Felicia. They are just outstanding! As a clinician, I know by heart when healthcare is provided right. This office is a primary example of how any healthcare offices should run – organized, attentive and knowledgeable.

Dr. Weis and his staff make a 55-year-old woman with braces feel welcome, well taken care of and safe. Every time I see my students and colleagues with crooked teeth, I recommend them to see Dr. Weis.

Keep up the great work!
- Connie Lee

We have been thrilled with the service that we have received from Dr. Weis. From the first meeting with Dr. Weis, Adam felt at ease. Dr. Weis' initial comment to Adam was that his smile is beautiful just as it is but that braces could make it even more beautiful.
- Carol & Bill Fox

Dr. Weis... Whether it was narrowing a front teeth gap when he was too young for braces, helping to decide what to do about a congenitally missing tooth, filling in the space of the missing tooth (even though he actually liked to show off the space!), or dealing with a retainer accidentally thrown in the trash, thank you for always calming my fears, taking care of everything in your "no problem" way, and most of all for the beautiful straight teeth in my son's smile!
- Cathie Jackson

My children came to Dr. Weis with structural orthodontic issues. We weren't just trying for that pretty smile. I was perhaps more nervous than my daughters. One of my daughters has completed her treatment and may have one of the best smiles in Albemarle County... which we attribute to Dr. Weis' great work. Truly, she has beautiful teeth and consequently a beautiful smile. My second daughter is undergoing treatment now, which involved some surgery and all is going well. I have never been to a more punctual medical practice... I don't even seem to have time to read my book while I wait. We have had such positive experiences, we will be sad when our time with this practice comes to an end.
- M. Holden

No experience have I had with any other orthodontist, nor do I desire, nor need any other! Drs. Soderquist and Weis' office is run with the efficiency of a well-tuned machine, but with the warmth of a healthy family. The staff is highly skilled and knowledgeable, personally engaging, considerate and visits are actually fun! Soderquist & Weis forever!
- Dorian Brown

I never had braces as a kid, so I was always a little apprehensive about the experience for my kids. Dr. Weis and his staff made the experience about as good as it could be. We are now on our second kid in braces with two to go. Our older son is finished, and his teeth look great.
- R. Andris

I am no doubt the biggest fan of Dr. Weis and his staff!!!! I have nothing but high praise and appreciation for everyone in his office. Each time I come, I am greeted with smiles and happiness. My boys feel very comfortable going to the orthodontist because of the care and attention they get from everyone.

The effort that the staff takes to see that I get the best possible time of appointments and then the reminder of them is exceptional. Dr. Weis and his staff do their best to see that my boys are seen on time and efficiently, knowing that we are all pressed for time.

Whether I join my boys in the office or drop them off, I know that they will be seen with care, concern and given the best treatment possible.

I love Dr. Weis and his staff. I am so appreciative of their work and dedication to orthodontics and people.
- Lee Hicks
(P.S. The lip balms that they generously give out are awesome!!!!!)

At 50+, I lost my last "baby" tooth and was recommended to Drs. Soderquist and Weis to get braces. "Ugh!" was my first (second and most frequent) thought before I went in for my first appointment. Thanks to the professional staff and their skills, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy and fast the time flew before my braces were off and my smile and bite realigned. My first thoughts of, "Ugh!" are no longer associated with my experience with braces. Thanks for making the journey a pleasant one!
- R. Chisholm

Dr. Weis and his staff are wonderful. We have been part of your office "family" for over 10 years, first with my oldest daughter who wore braces and now my youngest son. Dr. Weis and his staff are warm, friendly, courteous and always try to accommodate us with appointments that work around our busy schedule.

The office is bright, cheery and very relaxing. There is never a wait, and appointments are kept as scheduled.

Thank you so much for being a wonderful orthodontist and to your staff for being so kind, friendly and welcoming.
- Lauren Schlecker Cohen

To Dr. Weis & Team,
I just wanted to write a small note of thanks for everything that you all have done for me. I have been waiting for this day for years, and now that the braces are off, I feel like I can move forward and leave all of what I've been through behind me.

All of you took care of me and dealt with everything with consummate ease and kindness.

I cannot thank you enough! Best wishes to all of you.
- Yasminca

We have been delighted with the orthodontic care from Dr. Weis and the staff. They have cared for our four children, spanning over 10 years, and they just removed the last of the braces of the last child last month! Hallalujah! They all four have the most beautiful smiles, so I give a mighty thank you to Dr. Weis. Our experience couldn't have gone any better. Thank you so much!
- G. Wardell

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